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What are the differences between microphones of different prices?


If you like to sing, be an anchor, like recording, karaoke, chanting, etc., then you are not unfamiliar with microphones. Do you know what the sound quality of microphones at different price points are different?

Due to work relations, I often encounter such people who always change their microphones because they like it. For some people, they may not know the microphone themselves, but they just clenched their teeth out of the pursuit of effects. My wife was going to change the microphone.

In fact, the microphones of different price points have some differences in the radio effect, but also have a very big relationship with the environment or post-processing. The microphone in a sound system only plays a role in the sound. Included, and its sound quality is of course very important, but in the case of ensuring that various parameters such as the sexual-to-noise ratio are reasonable, changing to a higher-priced microphone will not directly improve the effect, but only make the recording more It's clear.

I personally feel that changing an audio interface, which is the sound card we mentioned in the previous article, is more important than changing a microphone, because our general home recording sound card integrates many factors that affect the sound quality of the microphone. The key element, you can think of the whole set of sound effects as a house, and the microphone is more like the foundation of the house, and the sound card is like a pillar or a wall, and the effector is more like the decoration of the room, if you I hope this house will be more comfortable to live in, and if you just change the foundation and the layout and decoration of the house have not changed at all, then there will be no change at all. It is important to know that expensive land can only make you feel more superior in living.

If you want to use a number to show the difference in the effect of microphones of different prices, the difference between a 10,000-yuan microphone and a thousand-yuan microphone may also be about 20%-30%. For professional users Said that this score is worth the money to exchange for more expensive microphones, but for amateur users, frequent microphone replacement is not cost-effective, especially microphones with tens of thousands, and sound cards are still using hundreds of This kind of.

When upgrading equipment, we consider more about the sound card, or adjusting the sound effector to adjust a good effect, rather than replacing the microphone. In short, we must avoid your equipment from causing top-heavy. Phenomenon, this is a very important point.

Generally speaking, if you buy a sound card for a few hundred to a thousand or so, and then find a tuner to adjust the effect, the sound will be very good. If it is used in professional recording or recording studio, the more expensive sound card will let you better result.

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