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Teach you how to use the microphone to make the sound better


In addition to the rich timbre changes in singing, the use of modern karaoke sound technology can also play an important role in changing timbre. Here is a brief introduction to the general knowledge of using "microphones" for your reference:

1. In popular singing, you can hold the microphone closer, generally about two centimeters away. If it is too close, the sound will become dull;

2. Folk singing and Bel Canto require a little farther away from the microphone. It is best to keep it within the range of three or five centimeters. Don't shake it casually, otherwise it will affect the singing effect;

3. The front and side of the microphone have different differences in volume and color when transmitting sound, so changing the angle of the microphone can also change and enrich the sound color;

4. The method of changing the microphone angle and zooming in and out can create a sense of time and distance in the auditory sense, thereby making up for the lack of skills such as sound expansion and contraction;

5. There is no fixed pattern in the use of microphone skills, so when you use it alone, you must bring a more objective ear to help correct your voice in a targeted manner.

In addition, modern audio technology is developing rapidly. There are many types of "microphones" with different functions. It is best to figure out its category and performance characteristics before using it.

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