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Singing good cheats: first choose the microphone


In this era of national K song, it is as if you who don't know how to sing are out of track with the times. Friends who like to sing often show off their voice in the circle of friends.

The leisure way of young people is also very different from before. Most people would choose to go to KTV to sing before. For people who are not confident in their own voice, they are basically listening to other people singing by the side and want to sing, but I am also afraid that my five tone is not complete, which will scare others.

Nowadays, a lot of K song social software has been produced on mobile phones for K song, such as National K song, Sing Bar, etc., and these software support song order, song recording, MV recording, work and release, with low latency playback, High-quality sound effects and so on, the effect is not lost at all KTV.

It is these K song software that also make these little friends who want to sing but have no confidence in themselves find a place to play. Here, no one will compete with you, you can sing as much as you like at home.

When it comes to karaoke, the first thing we think of is karaoke equipment. With the popularity of smartphones, everyone generally uses the microphone of the headset to perform karaoke, but the effect of the recording is very ordinary, and all people want to sing. It’s nice, and to have a good work, you have to have a professional karaoke microphone

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