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Is it better to use white light or yellow light for household solar indoor lights?


In life, the 220V indoor ceiling lamps we commonly use are divided into white light and yellow light. The technical term for LEDs is called positive white light and warm white light. Each light color has a color temperature segment, and the color temperature is a unit of measurement that indicates the color components contained in the light. The unit of measurement is "K", we only need to understand its superficial meaning, and the deeper meanings need to be explored by ourselves.

Household solar indoor lights are not much different from 220V mains ceiling lights. One is to work with AC high voltage, and the other is to work with solar energy. The input mode is different, but the output mode is the same, using LED light source as the luminous body. To achieve white light and yellow light, only need to replace the LED lamp beads with different color temperatures.

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